A Canadian Inspired backpack for Canada Day

A Canadian Inspired backpack for Canada Day

June 27, 2018 1 Comment

Celebrate Canada Day with patriotic backpack adventures. Canada Day is coming up, which means that it’s a great opportunity to gather with friends and proudly celebrate our achievements, shared values, heritage and all we as Canadians have in common. A lot has happened in Canadian history during these past 151 years, which has demonstrated that we are better together and has instilled patriotism and pride in the Canadian culture.

Inspired by all these values, pride and history, we at TruBlue want to join this incredible celebration with our Canadian themed backpack, The Patriot. A backpack that has been designed for the true north strong and free. The Patriot’s inspiration was born by the resilient spirit that we Canadians share, the love for adventure and exploration. Built with durable water repellent material that will protect your valuables from the harsh Canadian weather yet lightweight to wear comfortably on all your adventures. Look closer and discover all the Canadian details this backpack has inside and outside.

The Patriot Canadian Inspired Backpack

Do you have plans for Canada Day yet? A fantastic way to celebrate Canada Day is by taking advantage of the numerous activities that are happening across the country. Check the events near your community and enjoy free concerts, parades, fireworks, food and more.

Canada will be hit with awesome summer weather this long weekend, and in some provinces like Ontario, temperatures could reach 40 degrees Celsius, which makes it the perfect for a beach day! Plan to spend the day at the beach with your friends and family. Pack your Canadian Inspired Backpack with your favourite towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, plenty of water for hydration and some snacks, it will be a beach picnic. If you live near Toronto, a great place to visit is Woodbine beach. You can play some beach volleyball during the day, take a dip in Lake Ontario and wait for the fireworks. It’s a great place to celebrate Canada Day!

Canada Day FireworksAnother great idea for this long weekend is to rent a cottage with your friends near a lake and take advantage of the warm weather by doing some water sports. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, grab your Patriot water repellent backpack and go for a hike. As it might be a bit warm, make sure to pack your backpack with enough water, a hat, sunscreen and your camera.

All the major cities across Canada will be hosting Canada Day festivals with parades, free concerts, shows, poutine and beaver tails, and of course fireworks. Join the party with your friends, show your fun side by wearing red/white clothes, some tattoos, face painting and your Canadian themed backpack. If you are going to be out all-day dancing and cheering in the streets, make sure you have your essentials in your backpack, a sweater just in case, water, snacks, and your camera to capture great memories from this celebration.

If you are planning to travel outside the country this weekend, join the celebration by standing out as Canadian while traveling. Show your Canadian pride anywhere you travel.

Stand out as Canadian while Travelling

Enjoy all the Canada Day celebrations near you. Remember to stay hydrated and to have fun! Remember to tag us in your photo with your Canadian made backpack by using the @trublue1987. Happy Canada Day!

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