Pre-Summer Adventures With Your Backpack

Pre-Summer Adventures With Your Backpack

May 24, 2018

Who is up for an early summer trip with your backpack? Canada is about to get spectacular summer weather and it is not even June yet! This means we will (hopefully!) have a longer summer so we can enjoy all our favourite activities, plan new adventures and explore new places. Grab your TruBlue Original canvas and leather backpack and let’s have some fun! 

  • A day at the beach

When summer comes, all that we can think of is: “Beach please”! There are many activities you can do to have an amazing day at the beach with your friends. First, grab your Canadian themed water repellent backpack and pack your favourite beach towel, umbrella, sunscreen, sunglasses, ball, your favourite book and visit the nearest beach! One of the things I love the most about Canada is that it has so many lakes, so you can find a lovely beach spot almost anywhere you go.

Invite your friends and plan a day trip together. Many beaches have nets so you can play beach volleyball, then have a picnic and if the water has warmed up enough, take a dip. Pack your unique Patriot water repellent backpack with fresh snacks and enough drinks to stay hydrated. Some nice snacks for a beach day are, celery-carrot sticks with your favourite dip or some fruit salad, and a nice lemonade! 

TruBlue Backpack Summer Beach Day

  • Explore a picturesque village

Another lovely idea for a pre-summer adventure is to visit a historic place, there are so many picturesque villages and towns in Canada you wouldn’t believe. Plan a day to explore a historic site and take a trip back in time. Majority of these sites are frequently 1 or 2 hours away from main cities. You can plan a road trip to explore the closest ones and pick a theme. For example: to try all the artisanal ice creams each place you go. It will be a fun ice cream road trip, which is perfect to cool down in this summer weather.

Always remember to bring your classy canvas and leather backpack packed with water, snacks, your camera, a hat and sunglasses, so you can park the car and walk around the lovely historic sites while enjoying your artisanal ice cream. Find your favourite spot underneath a tree and enjoy the fresh air. If you feel like walking more, find a park or trail nearby and go for a short hike. Since you have your lightweight backpack with all your valuables, you can enjoy the day outside walking comfortably and exploring. 

TruBlue Explore a historic site

  • Bike along the lakeshore

As mentioned before, when summer comes we want to be really close to the water any chance we get, either lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ocean or a pool. We want to enjoy this warm summer feeling as much as we can. Canada is amazing in this sense, you can enjoy all kinds of water activities and experiences without travelling far. Another great thing in Canada, are all those bike-friendly trails along the shores with spectacular views. So, pack all your beach gear in your TruBlue canvas and leather backpack and let’s start the ride.

Ontario, for example, has incredible bike trails along Lake Ontario. The views are just breathtaking. Prepare your classy canvas and leather backpack with your beach towel, your favourite book, snacks, drinks and start riding along the lakeshore. Since the weather is warm we recommend you use bright colours because they will not absorb the heat. Check out our new Kalahari and Dune backpacks that are a perfect fit for summer time. 

Find your favourite spot and set a picnic with a view. If you have a nice relaxing breeze, you can plan to stay longer in this spot and read your book. This is a great idea to do alone or invite friends, ride with a group of people and discover a new place together.

TruBlue Backpack Bike Along the Lakeshore

The weather forecast says we will enjoy a nice long and warm summer, so prepare activities and plan trips in advance, so you can use all summer to do what you like the most! Share your adventures by tagging us @trublue1987 in your photo with your TruBlue backpack!

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